June 10, 2010

So this is what I have been doing.

So this week has been a bit crazy. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. We are going out of town on Sunday for a week to visit my family. I haven't seen most of my family in 7 yrs, I am so totally excited. And you know when you go on vacation you want your house in order before you leave. So I am frantically trying to get everything in order. Laundry and dishes done, clean the house, organize everything and make sure I pack.
We are leaving at 10pm Sunday, it will take 12 hrs to get to Illinois. We chose to make an overnight trip of it since we have 4 kids and the 2 toddlers may not take to sitting (awake) in a car for that long. This way they can sleep most of the way. I hate that they will be sleeping in the car seats but again, not sure I can handle them awake for the whole 12 hrs. LOL!
Tomorrow is Nicki's (my 13 yr old) last day of school since we will be leaving Sunday. I made each of her teachers a little gift. She has 10 that she wanted to give them to. I made little post-it note covers and gave them a Hershey candy bar.(don't mind my MESSY craft desk in the picture) I used pattern paper from Sassafras to cover 4x4 coasters. I bought them from several months ago and finally found the perfect thing to use them on.
I used my Bind-it-All and some 3/4 inch silver O-wire to bind them together. Then I just adhered a Post-It note pad inside. I ran out of my Tombo Mono Multi Glue so I had to use my Crystal Effects. Worked just as good.
I used my Cricut to cut out a circle and scallop and then used my Lovely Letters Alphabet stamp set from Stampin' UP! and put the last letter of her teachers name on it. We bought some Hershey candy bars and took the outer wrapper off. I cut some cardstock and used my scallop punch on the edges. Using my Cricut again I cut ovals and scallop ovals and stamped a sentiment on the top. The sentiment is from Basic Grey, I'd Pick You.

Voila, there is 10 gifts for Nicki's teachers. Today and tomorrow I will need to focus on getting my Father's Day cards made. I need to make one for my dad and my brother. I usually only have time to make one card a day. I would like to make a bunch of cards and be able to have one pre-posted everyday but I won't hold my breath. LOL! That seems like a lot to get done on top of everything else I need/want to do.


Amanda Winkelman said...

Wonderful teacher gifts! Hope you survive the car ride!!!

Fiona said...

what perfect gifts to give to a teacher...I'm sure they will all love them...hope you have a fab trip...I don't envy you...12 gours in a car with toddlers...ooohh...good luck!!


Lisa Echerd said...

Having something creative to do is a great break from all the 'to-do' list of a trip.