August 31, 2010


Good Morning fellow paper crafters! Today I will be sharing a card I made using more products I received in my goodie box last week.
This was actually a really quick card. The Inspire Butterfly stamp was inked on a post-it type of paper. I thought it was super cute and I found some matching paper from my Me and My Big Ideas paper pad. I have had this paper pad for almost a year and I haven't really done much of anything with it. It has some really fab designs. The flower was cut out from one of the pattern papers, I added a brad from Basic Grey in the middle and added some glitter. Oh and that stamp is from Memory Box. Hope y'all have a great day!

Happy Crafting!!

August 30, 2010

Triple Play

WOW, another week. I am really beginning to worry, where is time going? Why is it going by so fast. My lil Max is sitting up and attempting to crawl, my sweet Isabel is becoming quite the little girl, such wonderful personality, then there is my Lil Tony. WOW, he is such a handsome lil man. He is so smart, he is doing really well with his speech (in case you haven't read before, he is 3 and refused to learn to talk, we take him to speech therapy and he is doing fabulous) and in a few short (2 to be exact) he will be in kindergarten. Then last buy certainly not least my first born, Nicki bear (that's what I call her, well most of the time I just call her "Boo"). She turned 13 in the beginning of the year (well actually April) she started 8th grade this year, she will be driving and working in 3 short years and OMGoodness will be starting high school next year. I feel so sad, my babies are all growing WAY TOO FAST! One more reason I need to really get crackin on my scrapbooks.

But until then I have some more fast and easy cards using my Basic Grey's Green at Heart card kit. I made 3 over the last couple days. I thought I would just get it out of the way and post them all at once.

Ok so the lighting in my room really sucks at night, not to mention the only camera I know how to use in the house is my camera phone. It's easy, all ya have to do is push one button. The only other camera we have is Tony's and it is some hi-tech piece of equipment and I just don't want to deal with it. So basically y'all have to "deal with it". LOL! Just kidding, the pictures seem so be a bit better during the day.
So these are the last cards I will share with this card kit, overall I think it is a pretty cool kit. I may purchase one or two in the future if there is a collection that I really like but won't make a habit of using them.

Thanks Nicole for my fab package with all the great goodies. I will hopefully share more cards this week with goodies from my Trade it Thursday win. :-)

Happy Crafting!!

August 29, 2010


Ok, so in the beginning of September I will be ready to sell the monthly scrapbook kit. In addition, over the next couple months I will be getting some of the new products that are being released. So my question to all of you is, when shopping online, what is the easiest way to navigate through a web store? Do you like that all the products are broken down in Manufacturer or by item. So example, Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras, American Crafts, Webster's Pages etc..... Or would it be easier broken down by products, example.....adhesive, 8x8 paper pads, collection packs, ribbon etc.....and in each of those categories would be a variety of Manufacturers. And let me add if it was broken down by Manufacturer than the sub category of that would be what I had from that company. Does that make sense. Like if you have visited my store, should it stay the same or change it to be broken down by products? I hope that question made sense.

My point is, I want to make anyones shopping or browsing experience pleasant. Even if you don't buy I want you to be able to look without getting frustrated. I know I have gotten frustrated on other sites.....So if y'all could just either leave me a comment or send me an email I would GREATLY appreciate it. Any feedback is welcome!

Happy Crafting!!

August 28, 2010

Basic Grey-Card Kit

The end of another week. I went to my Intro to Computer Concepts class yesterday and my teacher ended up not being a bad guy. He has a bit of a vulgar sense of humor, if that makes sense. I do think everything will be ok.

So, I participated in Trade it Thursday over at my new e-buddies blog, Scrap Me This, Scrap Me That. Check out her blog to see what it's all about. Well I won a few weeks ago and I received a package of goodies a couple days ago. In the package I got a Basic Grey card making kit from their Green at Heart collection. Now I will admit when I first heard of card kits, to me it seemed like cheating, kinda defeated the whole fun of card making. I am not sure if any of you have bought one or read the contents of a card kit but basically it gives you everything you would need to make several cards, in Basic Grey's kits it is 8 cards. If includes the cardbase, pattern paper for layers, chipboard images and then a sheet of rub-ons that would have the sentiment on there. So basically you can make 8 complete cards, even includes the envelopes.

Well I have had the chance to play around with it and it is pretty cool. I made 2 cards, one I will share today and I will share the other one tomorrow. I may share more, if I get a chance to craft this weekend. LOTS of homework to get done by Monday.
So anywho, here is the card......
I can't remember what size the card is supposed to be but it is bigger than the standard 4.25x5.5 size. I started with the polka dot card base, and layered the orange paper over it. The flower stems, "you are my" and the squiggles under the "Sunshine" are all rub-ons. The "Sunshine" is card stock letters and the flowers are chipboard. I drew in the dash lines on the edge of the orange paper and the lines on the edge of the polka dot paper. Simple! I think it took me 10 minutes to assemble it. I think I may actually like card kits, now I won't get them to replace my everyday card making, all on my own but I think it is a neat idea. LOL!

Hope y'all have a fabulous Saturday!
Happy Crafting!!

August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

So today is my first day of Intro to Computer Concepts class. It is a 3 hour class once a week. I am not sure how well I will do in a class for 3 hours. We will see. Plus I had a bad interaction with the Professor yesterday, he was a bit of a jerk in an email and he ended up rudely apologizing because he was wrong. I won't go in to detail because it isn't very interesting but we will see how things go tomorrow.

On to happier news. LOL! Here is another card using the new stamp set.

My fav, Kraft cardbase. I used the sun stamp and made a background with some Versamark ink. I heat embossed white embossing powder and then colored in the image, that is why the white POPS so much. LOOK, crinkle ribbon. LOVE it! I inked the edges of the image cardstock. Adhered with dimensional adhesive and there ya have it. :-)

Happy Crafting!!

August 26, 2010

Another creation

....with my new stamp set. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my blog and left such nice comments yesterday. I wanted to respond to all of them but yesterday I was in school most of the day so I didn't get a chance. I also received 2 suggestions for what I should name the set and both were fabulous. Thank you Marlene and Kelly. I would love to use both so I may use one for this set and one for my next set. If that is ok with you ladies?

I really am excited about this. Also I am a little stressed about the September kit, since I am including items that are just releasing this week there may be a bit of a delay in offering the kit. I haven't even received the items yet myself. So it may be a couple days late. I am trying to make every effort to bring you the newest releases in my monthly kits but I am at the mercy of my distributor. As soon as I know something or get the kits together I will post them for sale.

Anywho, here is my card

So I had spent some time getting the card made before I decided which sentiment to use. I then inked my "thank you" stamp with Black Stazon and placed it on the card, after I did that and the words were a bit faded I remembered I had accidentally left my ink pad open for a couple hours so it was a bit dry. I was going to make another card but I really didn't feel like it. LOL! I stamped the cloud image and then paper pieced it on the card.
Alright well I am off to do some homework.

Happy Crafting!!

August 25, 2010

My new stamp set

I haven't chosen a name for it yet, so I welcome suggestions. :-) I solicited a bunch of Illustrators through Google searches but I didn't have any luck finding someone interested. I will say though that one response I received from a lady suggested I try Etsy. OMGoodness I never would have thought that. I immediately logged in to Etsy and began my search. I contacted 2 ladies. Both were interested but after several emails back and forth with one, I thought she was perfect and super nice and I was so excited to work with her. Her name is Tina and here is a link to her Etsy store. Click here!

I emailed Tina and gave her some ideas of what I was looking for and she immediately went to work. It wasn't too long before I received an email with some images. Immediately I was hooked. It took a week or two before we finalized everything, which images I wanted and how big I needed them. I immediately sent them in to production. Last week I received several samples and I was happier than a pig in poop. I made several cards and had a real hard time not posting anything about it right away.

So without further ado, I will first show you a picture of the stamp set and then I will show one of the cards I made. Oh, I didn't mention this in the post but the card I made with Lenny the Lion used one of the images from my stamps to make a background. Super cool.
So here is the stamp set, I had to scan it so the picture isn't the best.

I LOVE sunflowers and that was what I really wanted for my first set, some really cool images. The sentiments included are "Thank you", "Happy Birthday" and "Have a sunshine day!"

Here is my first card I made with one of the images....

I welcome any feedback y'all might have. :-) The pattern paper used in this card is from a digital kit I bought from Two Peas, called Lazy Afternoon. I used a grey cardstock for my base.

Check back tomorrow, I will have another card to share. :-) Oh and don't forget if you would like to pre-order this set please send me an email at - this set sells for $9.99 plus shipping!

Happy Crafting!!

August 24, 2010

Crinkle ribbon winner

So sorry for posting the winner so late. I know the giveaway ended on Sunday evening but yesterday was my first day of school and things were just a bit hectic.

So, picked the winner and the winner is......#10 Karen B.
KarenB said...

My favourite bundles are: 'Antique Lace' 'Serenity' 'He Sent Me Roses' - but they are all so lovely!!

Thanks for the chance to join in.

Thank you all for entering my giveaway. And thank you everyone for the lovely comments from yesterdays post. I have given it a lot of thought and I just hope it works out just as I planned. I already have several entries for the DT call. Also tomorrow is the release of my stamp set. I will show a couple cards over the days following. I will be taking pre-orders until Sept 1. Basically if you are interested in the set just send me an email letting me know you want one. On or around the 1st of September I will place an order, I should have the stamp sets no later than the 15th of September. At that time I will send an invoice through Paypal. No need to pay anything until I send the invoice. Future stamp sets will probably not be handled this way. I am only doing it this way because it is my first set and I am not sure what kind of response I will get. This stamp set will sell for $9.99 plus shipping.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week and Karen B can you please email me your address so I can get your crinkle ribbon sent out to you.

August 22, 2010

One more

I am back with another Bind-it-All project. This is my final notebook needed. I am taking 4 classes but since one is a web class I am not going to make a special book, just use a plain composition book or something.

This notebook will be for Accounting.

I thought the number paper from Sassafras, Cherry Delicious wee bundle would be perfect for an Accounting class. LOL! Boy this photo really sucks! Well the blue pattern paper is also from that collection and I used a red cardstock from Stampin' UP! to separate the busyness of the pattern paper a bit.

Ok side note, the word "busyness" sure looks like it's spelled wrong, at least to me it does. Well I'd that word and that is how they spelled it. I would have hyphenated that word or something, lol!

Anywho, the chipboard is from Basic Grey's Nook and Pantry collection and the little flower is also from Basic Grey but their Sugar Rush collection. Sure do love Basic Grey! :-)

Oh, and you can't really tell (at all) in the picture but I used my sewing machine and did some stitching around the pattern papers. Ok seriously my sewing machine must have a warning on it or something "DO NOT USE WITH PAPER IN THIS MACHINE" because every time I try to sew paper it is a pain in my bum. I had one heck of a time just doing some simple stitches on that paper, oh I thought I was going to lose my mind. BUT I like the way it turned out and that is all that matters. No one really needs to know about the tears and sweat I shed making this book, do they? LOL!

Ok, have a great Sunday! I will be posting tomorrow about my super good news, so try and check back. Again it is nothing over the top life changing news just something fun and cool for me and hopefully all or some of you will think it is cool too. :-)

Happy Crafting!!

August 21, 2010

I love my BIA

I really do love my BIA! At the end of last school year I decided that I wanted to make my daughter notebooks for her classes. Then when I found out that I was going to be going to school too I decided I wanted to be the coolest one in my classes. LOL! So I made some notebooks. The great thing about college is you can go in there with some post-it notes to take notes with and they don't care. This way I was able to make 8x8 inch notebooks. I used my favorite Cover-Alls to make mine. I made one for my daughter a month or so ago and I posted it but it got ruined. That damn Mod Podge was all tacky and when she had her book open it stuck to the front cover and ripped it up. I was so upset. It wasn't too bad so she is using it for a doodle book.

I made her another one and used a little less Mod Podge so let's hope it doesn't stay tacky like the last one.

So for my daughters book I used paper from Basic Grey's Olivia collection. I cut the scallop circle out with my Cricut as well as the words. All the words for the books I cut with my Cricut. I really liked that font and thought it would look nice on the books. For my two books I used 8x8 Cover-Alls in white. For the Algebra book I used Tattered Angels glimmer mist and sprayed the whole book. It sort of resembles my "bills" book I posted about last month. I cut the top note shape with my Cricut.
For my Intro to Technology book I was feeling a bit creative so I designed a little scene. My inspiration came from a card I made a while back, not sure if I ever posted it but it is truly one of my favs.
I wanted to use some of my digital papers. I used Lazy Afternoon papers from Two Peas. On my card I used images from Look Up and You're Dandy from Practicing Creativity Design. Both sets are available at Artfuldelight. For my notebook though I didn't want to do the rays so I printed the cloud paper, I used the same flower PP from Pebbles Inc, TreeHouse collection. That has got to be one of my favorite papers. I love the colors and how bold and bright it is. I cut the grass out of some Old Olive cardstock from Stampin' UP! The large hot air balloon I stamped on the back side of the PP (it is double sided) and cut out the image. For the smaller balloons I just stamped directly on the cloud paper. I forgot to mention I sponged the book first with some acrylic paints. I am not sure the colors but there are two and I thought they looked good together. I ended up Mod Podging my books too, I was worried that the grass and stuff would get ruined without it so I am taking my chances. LOL!

So I still have to make a book for my Accounting class and I think I need to get on that because I start school on Monday! Holy crap Monday, really? I have started to get emails and my Syllabus from a couple of my classes and I am REALLY nervous. I have tried all week to "train" myself to get up early and it went pretty well. Tony ended up with 4 days off this week so on his days off it was not a big problem getting up around 6-6:30 and going to the gym. Now on the days he worked, where he is out the door before 5, I have had trouble getting out of bed. Starting Monday though my goal is to be up by 5 during the week, study from 5-6, then the gym from 6-7 and from 7 on begin my day......get my kids up and do housework, study some more and then classes, between Tony and I, are from 11:30am-10pm on Monday and Wednesday and then on Friday we are done with classes by 1pm.

Ok, so enough rambling from me. Oh, one more thing I have some REALLY exciting news to share. Well it's exciting to me and I hope some of you think it is exciting too. :-)
I will share it with you in the next day or so.

Don't forget to enter my crinkle ribbon giveaway, it ends tomorrow night at midnight. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

Happy Crafting!!

August 19, 2010

You're Dandy!

I wanted to say quickly, don't forget to enter my crinkle ribbon giveaway, it ends Aug 22nd at midnight EST. Click here!

I think this card turned out really cute. This card is pretty all digital, the papers and the image. Even the card base. I purchased this digital kit from Two Peas Sugar and Spice by Brandy Buffington. I really love this kit. For one it has a cool Kraft paper and second I love the embellishments. The image is from Squigglefly.

I colored the image with my Prismacolor Pencils and a blender pen. "You're Dandy" is from Practicing Creativity Design's stamp set called You're Dandy which is available at It has to be one of my favorite stamps sets. Everything else on this card is digital. For the flower pin I added some crystal effects to give it a little dimension.

And that's it. I hope you are all having a great week. I am starting to have a nervous breakdown about school which is starting in 4 days. Tony was doing some practice in his Calculus book yesterday and was working on it for 5 hrs. That was just one class, he has 3 others. How are we going to manage, 4 kids, his full time job and our full time school schedules. I am freakin' out. So thankfully I have been able to craft the last couple days in order to clear my mind a bit.

Happy Crafting!!

August 18, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hello my name is Leeanne and I am addicted to digital kits and images. I have another confession. When I first heard about digital images and kits I kinda thought they were silly. It to me defeated the purpose of stamping. I dunno, just seemed weird to me. BUT then I tried it, I finally figured out what color tools worked best for me, unfortunately this was after breaking the bank buying all sorts of markers and pencils. LOL! So I have bought several digital images and kits and I simply love them. My most recent purchase was a Halloween image (Thanks Marlene!) from Squigglefly. I usually don't make Halloween cards because I don't send them out but really that was before I sent out cards in general. This image was super cute though and I had to have it. The white cardstock is that shimmery white paper I told y'all about that I got at my LCS and all the pattern paper is from a digikit I purchased from Two Peas called Woodsy by Jen Martakis.

Ya know one of the other things I have learned in the paper crafting world is to think outside the box. I see a lot of non-traditional colors for certain holidays like Christmas. When you think Christmas, do you think pink and blue and orange or do you think red and green? Yeah me too! When you think of Halloween do you think of tan, blue and purple or do you think orange and black? Yeah me TOO! LOL!
I did however add a little Pumpkin Pie cardstock in there to bring a little Halloween traditional colors but more so just to give the card a bit more color. The alphas are Micro Mini stickers from Basic Grey, Basics collection.

*edit, I entered this card into Squigglefly Challenge #62 - Hot Colors, thank you Holly for telling me about the challenge.

Happy Crafting!!

August 17, 2010

Hybrid Thank You! & Giveaway....

Good Morning! Hope you are all having a good start to your week. I have been mentally preparing myself for school next week so Tony and I have been getting ourselves up at 6am, going to the gym and starting our day early. Because next week we will be getting up a 5am to study, go to the gym and start our day. We will need to try and get in homework and studying as much as we can while the kids are sleeping.

So this is a Hybrid card I made using a digital kit I got for free from Two Peas in a Bucket. It is called Dream by Vinnie Pearce. It is really pretty and it went so well with this shimmery white cardstock I got the other day at my LCS.

I made the card for my son's speech therapist. I haven't talked to her all summer or given her any updates on my son's progress. OMGoodness she would be so proud of my son. He is talking so much, it makes me so happy to hear him say words and not just scream at me. So I wanted to thank her for all her help and give her a bit of an update.

Wahoo, crinkle ribbon. The "thanks" sentiment is by far my favorite. It is from one of my Basic Grey stamp sets, Tree Hugger. I think I said this before but the sentiment is really supposed to say "thanks for everything you do" but I never use the whole stamp so I cut off the "for everything you do" and just use the "thanks". Gasp....did I break some sort of stamping etiquette? LOL! Just kidding!

And NOW for the best part, the GIVEAWAY. I am giving away some crinkle ribbon. Well here is the thing, I am letting you pick what you would want. The only rule to enter is you have to check out PrairieBirdBoutique and pick out 3 ribbon bundles ($15 value). Leave a comment with your choices. This giveaway will end August 22nd at midnight EST. Then I will have the crinkle ribbon sent to you.
I would love if you could blog about the giveaway or put a link in your sidebar, and as always I love followers! :-)
That's it.
Happy Crafting!!

August 16, 2010

Happy Monday!

Good Morning Blogosphere! I have a couple easy cards again trying to use up some scraps. I actually made these cards the same day I made yesterdays LO. All the paper I used in the LO were from Basic Grey's Origins collection. I hate throwing away paper, especially awesome pattern paper from Basic Grey, lol! So I had already shown you a card using scraps the other week and when I was blog hopping the other day I saw on Kristina's blog ( how she reuses scraps.
So I thought I would give it a try. :-)

So the first card, I feel torn about. First I made it for my daughter's grandma(on her dad's side), her birthday is in a couple days. But I am torn because, even though the Origins paper has a variety of green colors, the olive green crinkle ribbon seems to not match. Well oh well. The chipboard letters are from Green at Heart, also Basic Grey. The Thanks card was just to add another one to my collection. I think Thank You cards are my most used cards, so I can never have too many. So I intentionally wanted the "S" to be crooked but when I glued it down it ended up a little more crooked than I wanted. I used Creamy Brown Colorbox Chalk ink on my card instead of the Dark Brown I used on my LO yesterday. The Creamy Brown was a little closer to the Kraft color card base. I was going for a more subtle look. The chipboard letters are from Nook and Pantry. Have you noticed yet that Basic Grey is one of my favorite craft companies. :-)

Be sure to check back tomorrow because I have a Hybrid card to share using a free digital kit I got from Two Peas in a Bucket and I also used more crinkle ribbon. And (drum roll, please) I have a GIVEAWAY! So check back tomorrow.

Happy Crafting!!

August 15, 2010


OMG is it really Sunday already? Really where is the time going! I start school in 8 days, how crazy is that. Well I have been crafting away the past couple days, I have been able to craft almost everyday which is very rare. Today's project is going to be a LO. I originally saw this on Kristina's blog at I love her blog, so inspirational. She posted a video tutorial for Basic Grey. My LO had to be changed a bit from what she did because the picture I had was a landscape and not portrait. But otherwise I used the same general idea.

I am not sure if you noticed yet but I love Kraft. I use Kraft for my cards and also for my LO's. The pattern paper is from Basic Grey, Origins collection. I used my Cricut to cut out all the shapes the squares and the circle. The butterfly was punched out with my Stampin' UP! butterfly punch. The cardstock behind the pic is Close to Cocoa from Stampin' UP! The chipboard letters are from Basic Grey, Nook and Pantry collection. The paislee stamp is from Inkadinkadoo. One of my favorite stamp sets.
I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Happy Crafting!!

August 14, 2010

Fi's Blogaversary Giveaway!

August marks Fi's 1 year anniversary in the blogosphere! Check out her super fab blog and her wonderful candy that she is giving away! Her giveaway will end August 31st at midnight!

Happy Crafting!!

August 13, 2010


Happy Friday fellow crafters! I hope y'all had a wonderful week and are set to enjoy the weekend with family and/or friends. I felt very crafty today, I actually got a LO and 3 cards made. Wahoooo! I am only going to show you one of the projects today though. I will post the rest over the weekend.
I made this card for a friend of mine, I won't say her name just in case she reads my blog. LOL!

The digital stamp is from Squigglefly called Picked the Right One. I saw this image on Alice's {Little} Wonderland and I thought it was super cute and I had to have one of my own. :-) I used my Prismacolor Pencils and a blender pen to color the image. The pattern paper is from Memory Box. Now the super cute ribbon I saw on Pretty Pink Posh's blog and I had to have it. LOL! She made several amazing cards using this ribbon and I was sold.

The ribbon is wrinkled ribbon from PrairieBirdBoutique on Etsy. This ribbon is so beautiful! It is inexpensive too, 15 yards $5.00. There are so many colors, I had such a hard time chosing just one. I will probably have to go back and get some more. On top of the amazing ribbon, the package was so lovely.

This ribbon is just super cute. Oh and if you head over to Pretty Pink Posh's blog she is having a giveaway of this wonderful ribbon. And there ya have it!

Happy Crafting!!

August 11, 2010

Here is what I've been up to

Whenever Tony has off of work I hardly ever get on the computer and the days are so busy, I am just exhausted. LOL! That is why my last 2 posts are short and may not make much sense, so I apologize. The last 2 days I have been busy making book bags, do y'all call them that? Or do you call them backpacks? Or tote bags? Well anywho, I made one for me, Tony and my daughter. I also made a computer sleeve for my Netbook. I want it to be protected when I have to carry it around for school. So here they are:

So I could have cropped the pics so you didn't see my messy table in the background but it is late and I just wanted to get it posted. Ok so the first 2 pics are of my laptop sleeve. I made it to match my bag. All th fabric used is Duck Cloth or aka Canvas. LOL! We ripped apart an old book bag and salvaged all the parts. I used one of the zippers for that sleeve. The 3rd picture is my bag, then it's my daughter's bag and then Tony's. The strips on mine and my daughter's bags I sewed, I used my Cricut to make a 3x12 inch template. For Tony's bag, it was quite simple because he wanted an all black bag. Tony set all the grommets, I didn't really trust myself to do that. LOL! The pictures kind of stink but hopefully you can see the bags well enough.
So that is what I have been up to. I totally thought these bags were going to take me at least the whole week, but thankfully they didn't. Thankfully because now I have to go make 4 notebooks for school. One for my daughter and the other 3 for me. Well actually I probably need to make 4 for me since I am taking 4 classes.

I purchased some digital images tonight so hopefully I will get to make a card tomorrow.

These bags were super easy and totally fun to make. I might start selling them in my Etsy store so if you happen to be interested, send me an email.(click the link at the top of my blog) I will have them customizable. I can let you know what colors I can get and we can go from there. I am not sure how much I will sell them for yet. I know they won't be expensive at all but I have to figure out what the cost is to make it. LOL! I made several trips to Joann's so I am not even close to sure what I spent over the last 3 days. Dare I even try to figure that out. haha!

Happy Crafting!!

Another quick post

It was another pretty busy day. My daughter and I spent just over 3 hours this afternoon getting our hair done. We both got hi-lights and we both LOVE it. I have also spent the last 2 days making some non paper crafting projects. I will share them when I am all done. The card I have to share with you, I made over the weekend. I made it for my other cousin. A bunch of us (in my family) have all decided to go back to school. So this is just a "just because" card.

Ok, so the bikini is a digital image by Kathy Martin, I purchased from Two Peas in a Bucket. And I did some more paper piecing. The paper piecing, not that you can probably tell is from Stampin UP! (too tired to think of the name). The flip flops, trees and the sun are all stamps from Practicing Creativity Designs, called Barefoot Summer. I have had this set for awhile and this is the first time I am using it. Super cute set, as all PCD stamp sets are. The trees were colored in with my Prismacolor Pencils and a blender pen. I had drew/colored the grass. And there you have it!

Happy Crafting!!

August 9, 2010

Chocolate helps

Super fast post since I am about to fall asleep. It is midnight (almost) and I am exhausted. I made this card for my cousin. She is due in November. This is a digital image from Bugaboo Stamps. I did some paper piecing on her outfit. I have never done it before but it was super fun and I will definitely be doing it again. The PP is from Basic Grey's, Olivia collection. Image was colored with my Prismacolor Pencils and a blender pen. Ok.......that is all for tonight, need sleep!

Happy Crafting!!

August 7, 2010

Sweet and Simple

Hello all! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I had to take my daughter to an Ortho appt today. One thing I hate about where I live is I have to drive far to get to certain places. For example the Ortho. The closest place to us is an hour away. So we drove a total of 2 hrs for a 15 min appt. Seriously??? I wasted $15 in gas to get there. Oh my!

We got home in time to put my kids to nap, I went to the gym and returned to do a bit of crafting. Oh what a boring day! LOL! Well the card I have to share for you I actually made last night. I set out to clean my space and as I was "organizing" I came across some chipboard and my mind immediately started thinking, then I got sidetracked and began making this card. I think this was the easiest card I have ever made.
I made a comment before that usually cards take me over an hour to make. This one took me probably less than 10 min. Yippee!

All the chipboard is from Basic Grey, Nook and Pantry and Origins collections. I inked a wood grain stamp with Versamark, I love that look on Kraft cardstock! Tied some Chocolate Chip satin ribbon from Stampin' UP! and rounded the corners and I called it a night. Well I attempted to organize some more but I got bored so I went to bed.

I will share some pics of my space maybe tomorrow. It is by far nothing impressive. We currently rent our home and we just don't have much space right now, so my "craft area" is a 6ft desk in our bedroom, some shelves on the wall and bada boom bada bing, that is where the magic takes place. LOL! Actually some days I wish I had a magic wand to wave over a piece of cardstock and be able to make a master piece because I tell ya, my mojo has really been hiding the last month or so. :-)

Anywhoo, I have a great night, all. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!!

August 5, 2010

A sunny hello.....

Hello my bloggy friends! I hope everyone is having a great week. I went to pick up my school books today. Oh the nerves have now sunk in. Just over 2 weeks until school starts. I am going to have to clear my craft desk off a bit because that is the only place (other than the kitchen table) that I have to do homework.

So on to some crafting fun. First I would like to point out that I am going to be a jerk twice in this post, once because I cannot for the life of me remember where I got the digital image from, I am sure you have seen it around the blog-o-sphere so if anyone knows where please let me know. Second the card I originally saw on one of the many blogs I follow and I cannot for the life of me remember which one. The tutorial for the card though can be found on SCS, here. *edit, Marlene from Disguised as a Grown Up, reminded me (*wink*) that it was her blog and the image was from *wink*wink ink. It was a freebie when I got it, not sure if it is anymore. But as soon as I saw the card I knew I wanted the image, LOVE sunflowers.**
So here is my card.....

Ok so the lighting stinks, it was night time and my room was not lit very well. A few things to add, I LOVE sunflowers! I wish I could make a card everyday with sunflowers. Here is what held me back, I stink at coloring....well that was until yesterday. I have tried Copics, Prismacolor Markers and I did try just regular Prismacolor Pencils. Well my new FAV is Watercolor PrismaColor Pencils and a Blender Pen. I LOVE the way it turns out. So I printed the digi with my INK jet printer which is not ideal for coloring with liquid substance because the INK just bled. So what I did was after I printed the digi, I used my Versamark Marker by Stampin' UP! and I traced over the lines in the picture and then used black embossing powder to give some raised lines. This helped with the bleeding. The pattern paper I used is from Basic Grey, Max and Whiskers. Super cute collection. I was having a hard time finding a pattern paper that would match my sunflower and honestly that paper was the closest I could get. :-( I guess I need to go shopping and get a wider variety of PP. LOL! The buttons are also from Basic Grey, Nook and Pantry collection.

And there you have it! Now I am off to stamp more images to color! YIPPEE!!!

Happy Crafting!!

August 4, 2010

Can never have enough Thanks

Another uneventful day. I was going to get my hair done but the girl that did it last time was not available. I actually get my hair done at the beauty school down the street. I usually get it done for free because they give me coupons. The most recent coupon I have is for $150 worth of services. The girl that did my hair last time did an awesome job on my hi-lites. This time though I want more drastic colors, nothing obnoxious but more blonde hi-lites. Plus my daughter wants to get her hair done too.

So while my kids were napping today I was able to make more Thank You cards. These were super fun to make. I made 3 cards in less than an hour. That is a first for me. Most of the time 1 card takes over an hour almost 2. Mostly because I don't have a vision of what I want until I start the card. So here are the 3 cards I made.

I really like the way the first and second card turned out, not so sure my feelings on the third. So I stamped the background. It is this super cool stamp from Practicing Creativity Designs. From her For the Love of Dots set. There are 5 rows of dots and then I used my PrismaColor Markers and Stampin' Write Markers from Stampin' UP! to color in a pattern in the dots. Oh so cool. The first 2 cards I used Black Stazon and the 3rd card I used London Fog from Memento. So it looks a little faded and not bold and bright. All the ribbon is satin ribbon from Stampin' UP!
If you think that dot stamp is super cool, check out, I have it for sale for $12.75. Oh and don't forget about the Basic Grey collection packs that I have for sale for $11 each, Oliver and Olivia. (click on the link at the top of my blog) :-) Yippee!!!

Happy Crafting!!

Hovey Hut Blog Candy!

In my usual morning bloggy rounds I came across a lovely blog this morning. The Hovey Hut is having a super cool giveaway to celebrate reaching 20,000 hits to her blog! WOW, that sure is A LOT. So let's celebrate with her and head over and check out her fabulous blog and fabulous giveaway!!!

Happy Crafting!!

August 3, 2010

New in stock

I have some Oliver and Olivia Collection packs from Basic Grey in stock. I will not be listing it in my store yet as I am waiting for all my merchandise to come in before I do. So if you would like to purchase one or both, click the link at the top of my blog "Basic Grey-for sale" and it will bring you to the page to make your purchase.

The collection packs are for sale for $11.00 with $5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. If you would like to make a purchase and have it shipped internationally, I would be more than happy to send it but I would have to ask that you be willing to pay the actually shipping charges. Send me an email before making the purchase and I will quote you a shipping charge. These collection packs retail for $22.00 so they may go fast.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.
Happy Crafting!!

August 2, 2010

My favorite kind of cards

Happy Monday, well I know the day is almost over and for some (depending on where you are) the day may already be over. :-) Today was a pretty unproductive day. Monday's are usually like that for me. I have been trying to get all my boxes together for all the lovely winners. I have some things going on behind the scenes that I am trying to sort out before I bust out with the news. Basically I am trying to organize my blog and life and try to keep it all going while I am in school. I LOVE what I do, I love meeting all of you great people. But with the addition of school to my weekly routine I am not sure how much crafting I personally will be able to do. If I didn't have this blog and crafting I would probably go crazy. It keeps me sane. LOL!

So anywho, I will fill everyone in when I get it all organized on paper and in my head. I have a few cards to share with you. I made these to put in the boxes that are going out to all the winners, I try to always send a little something in any package I send out. Whether it is a giveaway prize or a package filled with goodies someone bought from my store.

These are probably my favorite cards to make. One because I LOVE the stamp, it is from Inkadinkado, Organic Fabric Flourish. I saw this stamp set for the first time over at Kristina Werners Design Blog. (I LOVE her blog) After seeing her use the stamp, I immediately bought it and LOVE making these cards. The other reason I love making them is it allows me to use all my scrap pieces of paper. All those strips are scraps. I couldn't even tell you where all the paper came from. Mostly Basic Grey collections, Sassafras, a couple of Memory Box and Cosmo Cricket. Here are a couple more of the cards. I have to make 9 total and so far only made 4.

Happy Crafting!!

August 1, 2010

Good Morning blogosphere!

This is the day that I have been waiting for, for 2 weeks. I had to control myself not to end the giveaways early just so I could pick the winners. LOL! I would first like to say that I am so excited I had such a large turn out for these giveaways. I had over 4 times the amount of people enter this one than I did the past giveaways. I have almost 200 followers and I enjoy reading EVERY single comment that I get.
I may not be able to respond to each and everyone but I want you all to know I have read your comments and it warms my heart. I have met some amazing people in the blogosphere and I just think it is amazing to see how many wonderful people there are out there that enjoy the same thing I do.....paper crafting. In some ways it saddens my heart to know I will never meet any of my new e-buddies but I enjoy the emails and comments that I have been able to exchange.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff....LOL! Let's get on to some uber fun stuff. THE WINNERS!

So for the Cosmo Crickets, Material Girl Crafting Kit, there will be 3 winners. Using my trusty friend to chose my winners, here are the names:

#20 - Amanda Winkelman
#56 - Nana Nassar
#80 - Nicole Brenna

Ok and now for the Box o' Goodies, I will actually have 3 winners on this one too. Surprise, originally I was only going to have 2 but because I had such a fabulous turn out of people entering I added another winner. :-) Now for their names:

#13 - Pam AKA: picnic
#10 - Kelly Massman
#118 - Maureen Reiss

Wahoo!!! Congratulations! Again, don't fret if you didn't win these giveaways, I WILL have more. With the release of all the new CHA goodies I will be having some giveaways. So if the winners will please email me your address so I can get your packages in the mail.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!

Happy Crafting!!