August 17, 2010

Hybrid Thank You! & Giveaway....

Good Morning! Hope you are all having a good start to your week. I have been mentally preparing myself for school next week so Tony and I have been getting ourselves up at 6am, going to the gym and starting our day early. Because next week we will be getting up a 5am to study, go to the gym and start our day. We will need to try and get in homework and studying as much as we can while the kids are sleeping.

So this is a Hybrid card I made using a digital kit I got for free from Two Peas in a Bucket. It is called Dream by Vinnie Pearce. It is really pretty and it went so well with this shimmery white cardstock I got the other day at my LCS.

I made the card for my son's speech therapist. I haven't talked to her all summer or given her any updates on my son's progress. OMGoodness she would be so proud of my son. He is talking so much, it makes me so happy to hear him say words and not just scream at me. So I wanted to thank her for all her help and give her a bit of an update.

Wahoo, crinkle ribbon. The "thanks" sentiment is by far my favorite. It is from one of my Basic Grey stamp sets, Tree Hugger. I think I said this before but the sentiment is really supposed to say "thanks for everything you do" but I never use the whole stamp so I cut off the "for everything you do" and just use the "thanks". Gasp....did I break some sort of stamping etiquette? LOL! Just kidding!

And NOW for the best part, the GIVEAWAY. I am giving away some crinkle ribbon. Well here is the thing, I am letting you pick what you would want. The only rule to enter is you have to check out PrairieBirdBoutique and pick out 3 ribbon bundles ($15 value). Leave a comment with your choices. This giveaway will end August 22nd at midnight EST. Then I will have the crinkle ribbon sent to you.
I would love if you could blog about the giveaway or put a link in your sidebar, and as always I love followers! :-)
That's it.
Happy Crafting!!


Kelly Massman said...

That is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite of all that I have seen from you to date!!!! I'll be thinking of it all throughout the day!! I really LOVE everything about it! The speech therapist is going to swoon!!!
Here would be my choices on that beautiful ribbon!!! Would be SO MUCH fun to win:

Shabby Wrinkled Festive Fall ribbon
Shabby Wrinkled Dragonfly Dance ribbon
Shabby Wrinkled Marie Antoinette ribbon

Kelly Massman said...

I wanted to let you know I also put this in my sidebar!

Photography said...

LOVELY!!! That ribbon is gorgeous! My choices would be Tuxedo Bundle, Victorian Times and Heather Bundle. I am going to join up now to be a follower and link your giveaway in my side bar. Thanks so much :-)

Debbie said...

Beautiful card - love the colors! I'm already a follower and will link you on my side post. Gosh it's hard to pick three ribbon bundles since there is so many to pick from. I narrowed it down and my three choices are Autumn, Preppy and Antique Lace. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

LisiB said...

Wow! Thank you for pointing out this side! Love it!
It is very hard to choose just 3!
Mine would be
Antique Lace
Marie Antoinette and
Blushing Beauty!

Thanks for a chance to win

Anonymous said...

Oooo...I love the Shabby Wrinkled Victorian Beauty ribbon bundle, Shabby Wrinkled Tuxedo ribbon bundle, and the Shabby Wrinkled Dragonfly Dance ribbon bundle those are just too cute!!! I love it all...I'm keeping my fingers crosses for this giveaway and thanks for this great chance!!!

Take care
- Sherrell

Nikki said...

I've done that with stamps lol But I cut away the "thanks" for the little row of flowers below it :P
thanks for the chance at these ribbons
My faves are Shabby Wrinkled -
Antique lace
He Sent Roses
Autumns Arrival
Very pretty they are and they make lovely cards like
I've linked you up
hugs Nikki

Theresa said...

What beautiful ribbon. So hard to choose, but I would go for Dragonfly Dance, Not Quite White and Harvest Bounty.
I am a follower of your site. I just started a blog and am not quite sure how to post to a sidebar yet, but I have added your candy to the "Blog Candy Blog" which lists giveaways.
Thank you for the chance to win.


Nana Nassar said...

hello dear! So hard to chose...but here it goes!

Shabby Wrinkled Heather
Shabby Wrinkled Serenity
Shabby Wrinkled Autumn

I'm already your follower! You rock!

KarenB said...

My favourite bundles are: 'Antique Lace' 'Serenity' 'He Sent Me Roses' - but they are all so lovely!!

Thanks for the chance to join in.

sucor said...

They are all gorgeous!It's very hard to choose but my favorites are: Shabby Wrinkled Victorian Beauty, Not Quite White, and Antique Lace.

sucor said...

Oops, wasn't finished, hit enter instead of shift - Thank you for a chance to win.

Susan Stringfellow said...

What a sweet card and I am cracking up about cutting the stamp - I do the same thing.
Totally love those ribbons, thanks for the link, but my fave 3 are:
Shabby Wrinkled Antique Lace,
Shabby Wrinkled Sunflower, and
Shabby Wrinked Serenity

Thanks for the chance to win and the inspiration:)