November 18, 2010

LOVE it!

I am an idiot. I was supposed to share two projects with you today and I completely forgot. Not sure what I was thinking but I have a card to share with you that Courtney made. Now I would like to say that I got a little teary eyed when I received this card in the mail. I will explain because it may sound silly.

Short story, I hope. (lol) I have moved a lot in the past 12 years and I really haven't been able to meet any people that are decent people. That may enjoy crafting or just enjoy the same things I do. The greatest people I have met over the years have been all you ladies in the craft world. Crafters are THE NICEST people out there. I have made some really great friends in the bloggy world, I have learned a lot and just met a lot of amazing people.

What saddens me just a little is I will probably never meet any of you fabulous ladies. The fact that people I will never meet and only have a friendship through email, think enough of me to make special cards for me. To think about me and say nice things about me to their family.

I think about this often but the card I received from Courtney made me think about it in a whole new way. It was my first card I received "just because". Don't get me wrong I LOVE every card I have received, I have them all displayed in my lil craft area.

So anyways here is the card, Courtney used the November kit from Artfuldelight. And that card is even more awesome in person! Courtney did an amazing job. Every time I see her projects it makes me want to go create something using my Cricut. For all the details about this card, please visit Courtney's blog!

Happy Crafting!!


Marlene said...

Wow - what a gorgeous card!

I too, think crafters are some of the nicest people out there! I've been blessed to know so many "in the computer" count you among my "friends".

Karen B. said...

Beautiful! I'd love to send you a card, but you'll have to send me your address!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That is just tooooooooooooooo sweet!!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

April said...

It's amazing! Awesome job Court. ;) I'm glad it made your day Leeanne...
- April

Tanya said...

wow, that is gorgeous! and so sweet! Have a fantastic weekend!