January 31, 2011

Hello Monday!

I can't believe tomorrow is February. This month has just flown by. I got my laptop over the weekend and I couldn't be happier. My desktop runs like crap compared to the new laptop. My old netbook that I had was small, I think the screen was like 10.1", I drove me nuts trying to browse the web. Plus it too was slow as molasses. I had to make sure I was going to be happy so I got a top notch laptop for what I could afford, it "snappy" and the screen is huge - 17.3". The is no delay in opening pages or downloading photos and programs. I just can't say enough about how great it is. :-)

Unfortunately I don't have any projects for you mostly because I didn't have any free time to make anything and my desk is a mess again, no room to do anything. LOL! I just wanted to stop in and say HI! LOL!

I also wanted to let you know about some changes that are being made. I would have talked about it tomorrow with the release of February's kit and the beautiful LO I have to share but I didn't want to bombard you guys with too much.

Here are a couple of the changes:

  • Artfuldelight web store is moving to a new URL as well as getting a makeover. I mostly only sell monthly kits and the way it was set up before it just wasn't working out for me.
  • In addition to the makeover at Artfuldelight store, tomorrow you will also see my blog will be changed. I am pretty excited. It is nothing big but the problem with my old setup was the girl that created my pages didn't give me much to work with to expand, make buttons and logos to coordinate. She was kinda busy with her own work and such that after she did my page she wasn't going to do "side work" anymore. I had to figure out how to do all that myself. So it won't be this extravagant blog LO but I did it and I will be able to change it as I need.
  • OK, the final update and this one kinda bothered me but it had to be done. When I started selling the kits 6 months ago now (wow can't believe it's been that long) I priced them with no intentions of making a living off of the kits. I REALLY enjoy what I do and meeting the people I meet. Well with that said, as packed as this kits are and as low as the price was (in addition to the price of shipping) I was actually losing money every month. Now I know I shouldn't have to go in to detail about this but I want everyone to know that I didn't raise prices just because I thought I could. I did it so I could keep selling these awesome kits. If you love the prices that I offered before I am all for it but I would not be able to offer such "full" kits. So I had to raise the prices on the shipping and the monthly kits. I hope this doesn't steer anyone away from checking out our fabulous kits, when I say raise the prices I only did it by $3-4. If you already have a subscription your prices will not change for the length of your time. If you renew it would go up. With that said, if you would like to take advantage of the lower prices I would subscribe today, prices will change tomorrow. :-)
I would really appreciate any feedback you may have for me. When I order the items for the kits you just can't imagine how hard it is for me to not go crazy, it takes a lot of will power to stop spending. LOL! Again if you like kits that aren't as full with goodies, I can make smaller kits and keep it at the lower price. I just don't think those are as much fun. *wink*

Ok, so if you have made it through reading all of this, I THANK YOU! I am so excited about all the new releases with CHA and cannot wait to put together kits using some fabulous paper and embellishments. :-)

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, I will have a beautiful LO to share with you, the sketch challenge will be posted and you can see my new web sites. I will provide the new URL for the web store tomorrow since I won't have it completed until then.

Happy Crafting!!

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April said...

I'm excited to see what the changes will look like Leeanne!!
- April