September 12, 2011


Good Morning and Happy Monday! It's the start of another week and I am so excited and nervous for it to be here. I think this past weekend was my last official free days. I go to school Monday-Thursday and now I am working Fri-Sat-Sun. I am excited because as much as I would LOVE to spend the money I earn on crafts, it will be saved for my upcoming move next summer. I am determined to buy a house when we get out there (and not have to rent anymore) but we need to save, save, and save in order to do so. I told myself the only thing I will buy for myself over the next year is crafty tools. I will play with the Artful Delight kits every month and with my schedule I am sure that is all the time I will have with crafting. So no sense hoarding any extras that I will ultimately have to move across the country. I am not thinking that is in the best interest for our moving funds. LOL! We are seriously selling (or throwing away-things we just know we couldn't sell) most of the stuff we own. The majority of the boxes we will take will be my craft stuff I am keeping. The biggest things we will move are my couches and kitchen table. LOL!

Anywho, if I thought my life was busy already, it is about to get busier. LOL!

For today I have TWO awesome LO's that our newest (fabulous) Delightful Designer created using Artful Delight's September kit. :-)


They are just fabulous!! LOVE them both. For more details about these LO's, please visit Julie's blog.

I will leave you now with a lovely picture of 4 loves in my life (besides Tony of couse, lol)

(Julie, tomorrow I will have a picture to share with ME and my kids)


Amanda Johnson said...

Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady! I am sure you will rock it all though! ;) Big congrats to you on the new job!! :) These layouts are fabulous ( though I expected nothing less from Miss Julie)!!! I love how she highlighted one of the numbers on the first one...I actually just did the exact same thing on a recent layout, using the same paper! LOL! Great minds!! ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for a pic of you and the kids tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks for the love! And trust me... don't buy their paper! Just trust me! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Angi Barrs said...

Sounds like a very smart plan for moving. I'm trying to cut down on my crafty spending too. Wish me luck. LOL
Love Julie's beautiful page and the picture of your adorable kiddos. :)

Court said...

Awwww!!! They're SO sweet and GREAT job Julie!!!

Karen B. said...

Great layouts Julie, and Leeanne, your babies are just the cutest -yes, all four of them!

Debbie said...

Two cute layouts Julie!!! Your plate is full, but I know who can handle it! In the long run it will be worth it!

Cindy Gay said...

Very nice layouts and designs.