May 29, 2012

Love My Girls

Happy Tuesday my friends!! Week one has been completed of my summer semester, only 9 weeks to go. How many of you are afraid of speaking in public? Well I am terrified. I have to take a public speaking class starting next week and I am terrified. So terrified I took the class online so I wouldn't have to give the speeches in person. I have to record my speeches and upload them to Youtube. BUT I am still terrified. I read my class syllabus yesterday and I actually considered dropping the class. Yeah but that wouldn't work because I NEED public speaking for my degree. I just have to remind myself in 8 weeks it will all be over. AND being online I don't ever have to see these people again. LOL!!

Can you believe that May is almost over?  I can't.  Well since we still have a couple days left in May I will share with you another project that our Delightful Designer, Debbie, created using our May scrapbook kit. 


Beautiful LO!! For more details about this LO please visit Debbie's blog.  :-) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4 day week - This is my daughter's last official week of school and all she has is testing, so she gets out at 12:30pm everyday.  She does have classes next week but may not go because they aren't actually doing anything. 



Karen B. said...

Beautiful layout Debbie, I really like the cluster of lowers on the side.

June Houck said...

Oh, Leeanne, I can't speak in public either...I know, I was a teacher...I am never nervous in front of students, but whenever I had to speak at faculty meetings? Fuhgetaboutit! I shake (especially my hands), my palms sweat, and people ask me to speak up and I feel like I am shouting...horrible experience every.single.time. I am the same way with youtube videos (all TWO of them), but a little better than public speaking.

Debbie's LO is so pretty! All those lacy borders and EP...yummy :)

Lisa Echerd said...

You can do it! I hated my public speaking class in college but I went on years later to become a corporate trainer and made a career or speaking in public. Think of it as 'teaching' rather than speaking. You are sharing info just like you do on your blog.

sandi said...

Love this! Fabulous mix and the pic is awesome!

Deena said...

I despise public speaking and interviews. Two of the worst things to do. My girls will be jealous that your kids are out of school so soon. We go right to the last day in June here.

That page is gorgeous. Especially the way the border punch was used throughout. Love it!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! I have faith in YOU!!! :) I loveeeeeeeeeee Debbie's lo!! GORGEOUS!!!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Love all the paper layers, being a CAS girl I never think of layering.