July 24, 2012

Good Times

Good morning and happy Tuesday!! I am excited to say that in one week from today, my family and I will be heading to Arizona. I am just speechless because so many thoughts and feelings are going through my head. I am excited to finally be doing this. Tony and I have been planning this for 2 years. Busting our butts through school and saving our money, it seems a bit surreal that it is finally happening. I am nervous because we still haven't gotten jobs. I do feel at ease though because when I told Tony the other day that part of my stress is stressing that he is stressing we don't have jobs. He said he feels confident that when we get to Arizona and he can actually walk in to a place and present his resume and have just a second to talk to someone that he will get a job. LOL!! AND then I feel a bit of sadness leaving the friends I made. I met some really great people at work and at school. They will be missed.

So we went to eat at our favorite restaurant last night. We are down to the last week so we don't have much food left in the house and we don't want to shop. Plus we wanted to eat one last time at our restaurant.  A couple months back they had a fire in the basement, we were happy to find out it didn't completely destroy the place and that they were able to fix up the place and reopen.  We have eaten there every birthday for the last 2 years; so that's at least 6 times a year.  LOL!  Last night we asked our server to take a picture of us in front of the place.

And yesterday my daughters and I got haircuts.  This would have been Isabel's first haircut.  She just turned 4 and her curly locks (although you would never know because it curls up so much) are almost down to her butt.  But when it curls up it falls right below her shoulders.  We only have about an inch cut off but since Nicki and I were getting ours cut I thought we should do hers too.  Now for me.  I wish I would have taken before and after pictures but I had probably 8-10 inches cut off.  It had gotten so long that I almost always had it up in a bun.  So when I took it out and the hair stylist saw it I think her jaw dropped, she said "where did all that come from"  lol!!   I love my new do though.  You can see it a bit in the picture.  It comes over my shoulders a bit.  Before it was down to my butt, super long, super heavy, and super unmanageable.  I do however have pics of my daughter getting her hair cut.

Alright well, now I want to share with you a LO that Missy created using our July scrapbook kit.  :-) 


 Do you see those colorful flowers? Those are canvas.  Didn't they turn out great!!  Those canvas shapes are included in the kit.  :-)  There are still some kits left if you would like to purchase one, click here

Alright well that's it.  I might be back later today to announce the winner of this month's sketch challenge; that way I can get the kit in the mail before I leave.  :-) 

Have a great day!! 


Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Good luck with the move, love the colors on the layout, the flowers are fabulous.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love the photos (YAYYYYYY for the family one!!!!!!) And love love love Marcia's lo!! I loveeeeeeeee those flowers and the cute photos!!!!