April 4, 2013

Sharing pics of my home

Good Morning my friends. 
 I don't have any projects to share today but I realized I haven't shared my new home on here yet. :-) 

I have been enjoying my week off with my family but each day I realize it is just vacation and in a short few days I will be back to reality, which is work.  :-(  
That actually might be a good thing though as it seems Tony and I spend a lot of money together when I am home.  Mostly on stuff for household projects.  LOL!!  For example today we will be heading out to buy a pressure washer.  Fun stuff.  :-) 

I LOVE our new home.  
I LOVE the possibilities.  
I LOVE all the space we have.  
I am super happy and excited!!

So here are some pics.   

 Even though it looks like a two car garage, it is actually three.  It is called a tandem garage.  I never heard of it before but two of the spaces are front to back.  So looking at the house, the space on the left has two spots.  One car would drive in and towards the back of the house and the other car would park in front of it.  For us that is perfect because that extra space towards the back of the house is actually Tony's work space.  All his tools and such.  I just realized I have a picture of the garage....LOL!

This is the view from the front door and this will be our future game room.  It is a pretty wide room but it doesn't totally look like that in the photo.  I see maybe a pool table, definitely an old school arcade game (we have a friend whose husband refurbishes them and sells them) and we will have a TV with video games as well as a computer in this room.  

Kitchen and living room. 

More views of the kitchen and dining room.  
Then if you go up those stairs it leads you to a huge loft which has our couches that used to be in our living room.  So basically we moved our living room in our loft.  The room downstairs with the fireplace with hold a couch that is like movie theater style, they recline and have cup holders and that will be where Tony and I watch TV.  Family time will now be in the loft.  

Then the upstairs has 4 bedrooms.  The 5 bedroom is downstairs as well as our 3rd full bathroom.  The 5th bedroom is my craft space.

And here is the princess picture my friend painted on my daughter's wall.  
  We were going to go all out and do different colors but we decided to just use one color and do it monochromatic. 
I chose pink because that is Isabel's favorite color.  
So now Tony will build Isabel a nice wooden bed frame so we can get her mattress off the floor.

Also our laundry room is upstairs which I LOVE!!!   

I would share our back yard but we have started to rip it all up so we can redo it so it looks pretty crappy.  
We did build a dog run in the back yard so we can keep the dog poop in one area.  My dogs have gotten far too used to pooping wherever they wanted and it made it hard for my kids to play in the back yard.  No more.  LOL!!  

Alright, well that's it. 
Be back tomorrow with some inspiration!!  
Have a wonderful day!!


Crystal Schneider said...

That wall in your daughters room looks great. You have a very talented friend. I have been in my new house for 8 months and still need to do my daughters room. I'm planning on painting a tree but have been to afraid to start it.

Lisa Echerd said...

Congratulations!!! Your house looks fantastic, perfect for your family. It is so interesting to follow blogs and see people achieve their dreams. It is inspiring to see a plan come through. Best wishes!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

wow! solo pretty! contests again!

Andrea said...

I love how open it is!!! :) congrats!

Suzanne said...

Cool! Love the built ins and that wall painting is adorable! Enjoy your new home.

wendipooh13 said...

oh wow your new house looks amazing!!!!!

m1ch3113lee said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your new home it looks beautiful. Congrats on getting a scrappy room as well in your new place.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose said...

Leeanne i LOVE your home!! be sure to share photos as you go :) and of course your craft room!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new home! It's beautiful. I love the staircase coming down into the kitchen. Lots of memories to be made here. Enjoy!

Aimee Kidd said...

Fabulous new home!! And the painting on your daughters wall is so pretty! Congrats again....I know you'll be settled in soon and enjoying it!

Sherry Eckblad said...

Wow, I absolutely love the new house. So much room I am so jealous.

Deena said...

your new home and my new home are very similar....kind of funny to see that! Different countries and all...except of course, mine still has 4 feet of snow all around! Jealous of the green there for sure!

June Houck said...

Perfect! I love the princess castle :)