December 22, 2013

Wish Big

Phew where did the month go.  Seriously!  December 22!
Time is flying by and I wish it would slow down just enough for me to catch up.
I have had little to no time to post any extra everyday but tonight I thought I would take a moment and try to fill ya in a little.
Nothing out of the norm going on here.  Still helping at the school, been trying to help more in the classrooms.  Tony has even started to help, he has been volunteering in the high school match classrooms, tutoring.  He loves it and from what I hear they think he is awesome.
This past Friday we had the Christmas parties.  I didn't get to go to my sons class because I was helping in my daughters class but my understanding is they just watched the Grinch.
My daughters class, wow!!  What a day.  I stopped in the class at like 9am just to drop something off and both the teacher and her aid said "are you here for the day."  I was like uh uh uh...........
So I helped out in the class all day and then worked til midnight, needless to say I was exhausted.  Like really really exhausted.  LOL!!
 So really not anything different going on, just the same ol same.  Busy busy.  My kids are all on break for the next 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited.  Although I work still, it will feel like I am on vacay.  LOL!  I won't have to get up crazy early and be on the go ALLLL day.  I can sleep in and hang with my kids and then head to work. 

Ahhh, so how have all of you been.  If you celebrate Christmas, are you all ready?  Gifts wrapped?

Today’s inspiration was created by our Delightful Designer June, using our December card kit.

For more details please visit June here.

If you have any time to play, be sure to get in on the action.  Our sketch challenge ends December 23rd.  Check out the sketches in the sidebar.

Thank you for stopping by, I really do appreciate it!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This month just flew by, didn't it??? Wow ... I can't believe Christmas is Wednesday!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee this card ... loving the embossing and the twine!!!!!!!

~amy~ said...

You are one busy lady!!!!! Glad things will slow down since the kids are home from school!

I love June's card...the embossing is excellent and so are the colors!

Ruth G said...

Definitely a lot going on with you, Leeanne! I'm tired just reading about all you've been up to, LOL! I hope you're enjoying the kids' break. I know what you mean about it being a break for moms!
June, your card is wonderful! I love the way you've got the cut-out with all the wonderful elements inside and I love those snowflake circles and embossing! Thanks so much for sharing!