June 24, 2012

Come Sail Away

Happy Sunday my friends!! I am happy it is Sunday because I only have one more day, after today, to work until I have a day off. My schedule has me working usually 5 days in a row starting on Wednesday or Thursday. I need a day off, lol!! T-minus 37 days. In 37 days I will be cramped in a car (well Ford Explorer that at least has 3 rows of seating)for 4 to 5 days with 5 other people and 2 dogs and one of those dogs is like another person. It's going to be an interesting trip. Thankfully my organized mind has planned our travel out so that we are only driving about 400-500 miles a day and then stopping. AND I planned that the hotels we stay in have a pool or some sort of activity we could do close by so the kids can burn some of their bottled up energy and go to sleep with no problem.  I am so looking forward to the day we leave.  We will be closing a chapter in our life that has been rough (a tiring two years with many sacrifices) and starting a new one.  One with so many possibilities and I cannot wait to get it started. 

So unfortunately that house I spoke about the other day was a bust.   BUT I am waiting to hear back from an even cooler house and I will share those pictures when I have confirmation that we got it.  I am pretty excited about this potential house.  My friend went to visit it and was in SHOCK!!  She couldn't believe how spacious it was and how beautiful it was.

Well now for the fun stuff, take a look at this amazing card that June created using our June kit. 

How cute is this!! For more details about this card please visit June's blog

Ok, so I just realized that this month is almost over which means this is June's last project with us.  I am so happy that June was a part of our team.  She is extremely talented and super sweet.  I am super happy to have met her in person.  Even though we haven't been able to see each other since I will be sad knowing I am not living "close" to her anymore.  I feel very lucky to call her my friend.

I will have two posts for your tomorrow.  In the morning I will have another inspiring project to share from our DT and then in the afternoon I will have our July kit reveal and announce the winner of our sketch challenge.  :-) 



Karen B. said...

So happy for you! Can't wait to see the reveal of the July kit. June's projects were nothing short of amazing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY for everything coming together for the move!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee June's card!! That sailboat is ADORABLE!!