September 20, 2010

What happened

Blogger is not my friend today. For some reason it posted my post twice from this morning. I would delete one but I have comments on both and I don't want to delete them, they make me happy. LOL! Really they do though, so please just disregard the double posting of the same darn post. Has anyone else with Blogger experienced trouble? Over the last week or so, it doesn't want to load or it freezes up or in this instance double posts? Oh well have a good day!


Debbie said...

I noticed this when I was at work this morning.

Marlene said...

No trouble here from Blogger lately...but then again, it knows not to mess with me, or I'll crap on it's head. Ha ha ha.

Emma said...

Blogger has been terrible, its been giving me a headache too.
Hugs Emma x