December 31, 2013

To and From

Happy last day of 2013!
I  don't make New Year's resolutions because I never keep them.
 But with the holidays over and  me realizing what is important to me and my family ( meaning I took a step back from a few things that were a bit time consuming) I  have high hopes of being more active online,  getting my craft room organized and usable,  and craft a little.
 My kids need me more and I  need to make sure I make time for myself. I  have all these amazing craft products piled in my room that I have yet to use. :-)

I  want to take a moment to thank those that have helped keep Artful Delight around for the last( almost) 4 years.  Can you believe AD  has been around for that long?
I  always have an amazing group of ladies that I get to work with 6 months at a time and of course Debbie who I couldn't do this without.  Not just currently but in the past and in the future, Artful Delight's  design team is always an  amazing group of ladies with a variety of talent.

 So thank you to everyone that has shown an interest in being a part of our team.  And thank you to all of you that stop by my blog to be inspired and support us.  Thank you to those that play along with our challenges month after month.  And thank you to our customers/ subscribers  whether you sign up just one term or come back again and again.

 All of this is why AD has been around  for almost 4 years.

Today’s inspiration was created by our Delightful Designer Julie, using our December scrapbook kit.

For more details pleas visit Julie here.


LisiB said...

You are doing a great job and seeing AD for such a long time is proof of your hard work and dedication!
Happy New Year!!!

~amy~ said...

Artful Delight Rocks!

...and so does Julie's projects!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY for you making some changes for you!!! :) Happy New Year!!!!

Debbie P said...

Beautiful work Julie! These are so fun!

June Houck said...

The thanks truly goes to both you and Debbie for putting together terrific crafty kits that make it easy to create fun cards, tags, layouts, and projects for your customers and designers. Best wishes for 2014; I hope you are able to organize your craft room so that you can both use your amazing products and craft more easily and often.

Julie has created so many fun tags and pins with her December kit!

Debbie said...

Julie totally rocked with the Dec. kit! Looking forward to another year working with you Leeanne and am happy to hear you are making some time for yourself!