October 7, 2010

Thanks and SFYTT 10/2/10

Sometimes I am not sure if I like the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants way of crafting. I feel a bit envious of those that can create from a sketch or start with a particular layout in mind and the end result is exactly what they visioned. Me on the other hand, I really have no idea what the end result will be until the end. LOL! Even if I work from a sketch, something won't go as planned.

My point is, the card I have to share with you today totally was supposed to be Halloween themed. I tried to use the Halloween colors and I used my Cosmo Cricket's Matilda collection 6x6 paper pad (also available at Artfuldelight). I wanted to use either a pumpkin or some sort of paper and I ended up not using any of that. So in the end there is not an ounce of "Halloween" type items on this card. Which may also bring me to talking about how great the Matilda collection is, even though it would seem primarily Halloween themed, the colors are a bit Halloweenie, most of the papers don't have any Halloween theme to it at all, making this perfect for even after the holiday. My card turned out more Fall-ish than Halloweenie. LOL! Well now that I have talked your ear off (I think I am trying to get myself in essay mode for the essay I need to write, comparing and contrasting men and women) Side note, ya know you would think that writing this essay would be simple, but one of two things has me stumped. One is that my boyfriend is in the same class as I am, so I don't want to write about the same thing he is and well that's mostly it. When he told me what he was writing about I thought omg that is totally funny and would be awesome to write about. He is writing about men's lack of attention to detail, that could go in so many directions. Anyone have any suggestions about things their husbands do that is just off the wall and way different than women. I am sure my man does the same thing. LOL! Marlene (if you're reading this) I could use some of your snark right about now! LOL!

Really! Now for the card. I participated in this week's SFYTT over at i{heart}2stamp. Here is the sketch.

Aren't those Thickers just divine? I love them! See the colors in the buttons, I totally was choosing colors to match the Halloween colors in the Matilda collection but ended up with some greens and blacks and a mustard color. LOL! That stamp is from Memory Box but I can't think of the name right now. Those Thickers are available at Artfuldelight.

Happy Crafting!!


April said...

What a great card Leeanne! I love the colors. :)

Good luck with writing your essay. Your bf's idea definitely sounds like a great plan as far as differences between men and women go, lol. ;)
- April

Jamie said...

That card is adorable Leeanne! I LOVE how you used the buttons on the tree. It adds a splash of color. I would never have thought of that. I can never find cool, creative ways to use buttons!
I'm the same way when creating LOs. I never know what it'll look like until the end. Sometimes I wish I could have more vision about the end result, but its nice to have the surprise, I guess. LOL!

Court said...

I'm in love with that tree.

I have a plan that I think is going to be amazing, execute the plan, and then HATE it and change it all around to something new. If I just pick the papers I feel like picking and a cut and then just start - it ends up being SO much better. haha.

I loved your talking!

Hmm... things my husband does that are fundamentally different from me:

Girls are overly-considerate where men aren't always.
I pack way ahead of time and he's a last minute packer.
He's analytical and I'm emotional (there is always a continuum, but side my side that's the way it would go)
Men are taught to be tough where that isn't emphasized in raising a girl.
Okay, I'll try to think of more later. :)

ScrappyScavenger said...

I dont like using sketches, I never have used a sketch, I love when it all ends up different~! Playing w the pieces and seeing what turns out is what Im all about! Its awesome btw!

Kelly Massman said...

Great card! those Thickers are even prettier in person in case you are thinking of buying some from Leanne! :-)

Karen B. said...

Well even if it wasn't what you were thinking, it still is a fabulous card!

Tanya said...

Love this card, the buttons on the tree are too sweet! I was laughing about guys lack of attention to detail, my hubby can unlock the front door and walk in and never notice that I hung up a wreath. It's right in his face, lol!

Marlene said...

Oh, I love it!!! The buttons are PERFECT!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that card Leanne! I love love love love that little tree and the colors! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Keva said...

Oh, that's so so cute! I know what you mean about cards not turning out as you envision. That happens to me a lot. I try to just go with it...lol.