May 14, 2013

Smile Beautiful

Good Morning!!
Ahhh, so I knew that having a new puppy would be a lot of work but I am not sure I was totally prepared for it.  LOL!

We are trying to crate train him and so night 1 he was in the crate all night and I am not sure he ever stopped whining.  Ugh!  No one else heard him whining or was bothered by it.
Night 2 we did a little better.  Frank made it until about midnight until he started with the whining.
Good news is he is getting me  on a schedule.  LOL!!  I have tried to start my day early and  get up well before the kids so I can have my coffee and just get my day started.  So Monday and Tuesday morning I woke at 5am (I know maybe this isn't early for most people but I usually have a hard time getting up at 6:30)
At 5am I take Frank outside to do his business and then we hang out on my patio.
He insists on climbing in my lap and taking a nap.  So that is what we did from 5-6 this morning.
My boy Frank and I snuggling.  He did this for an hour this morning.
I had my daughter take a picture yesterday of me holding Frank.  I am going to take pictures of the two of us until he is full grown.  I am curious to see how long it takes before he can't lay on my lap anymore.  LOL!!
And a beautiful view as the sun was coming up.
 I really am enjoying this taking time for myself idea.  LOL!!

Life certainly calmed down a bit after we moved and now I spend more time outside with my kids, playing with them and just enjoying life.  Now if I can just make a little more time for myself and craft we would be in good shape.  LOL!
Baby steps, right.  I am determined to get life organized. 

Check out today's LO!!  Look at all those amazing banners!!  Our Delightful Designer, Leah created today's LO!!  She used our May scrapbook kit


Love this!  And look at that adorable photo!!  :-) 
For more details please visit Leah's blog here.

Alright my friends, that's it.
Don't forget to play along with our sketch challenge this month.
We have two sketches two chose from, or play along with both.
Upload your project by May 23rd.
Have a wonderful day!!

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Maria said...

cute layout. cute dog too

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

And now my friend .. you know why I get up at 3AM every day!! LOL!! It's the only time I have complete silence all to myself!! No kids, no hubby... just me and Mr. Dandy ... and he doesn't talk to me! HA!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee Leah's lo! LOVING the colors and love love love love the the pennants!!

Suzanne said...

What a great layout! LOL about Frank putting you on a schedule. I'm enjoying the pics. :-)

Anonymous said...

Too sweet! We love seeing a bit more about you,
thanks for sharing!
And so glad you like the layout! =)


flowerdisco said...

leah's page and the pup....both beautiful..