June 23, 2011


Good Morning! So yesterday afternoon I deleted an application or program or something on my laptop and then it started just deleting all these folders and files on my desktop. Ugghhh!!

Files and folders that contained all my homework and a TON of svg files I had purchased were ALL GONE!!!!

I began to panic. Now I do back my stuff up on a flash drive but not as often as I should so let's just say I hadn't done it lately. Tony found a program that will allow me to recover some deleted files. So we gave it a try. It took ALL night to scan my drives and find the deleted stuff. I wasn't able to recover everything but I did get the most important thing and that was my research paper for English. But....all my craft stuff was deleted and not recovered. I feel so bummed. :-(

Lesson learned though that's for sure. I did get happy mail today and that would be a Cricut Car Decals cartridge I had ordered the other day. So I now have 2 new cartridges to play with.

Well today I have a beautiful LO to share with you that Abby created using Artful Delight's June monthly kit.

I love the colors she used together on this LO!! And the picture is super cute!! For more details about the LO please visit Abby's blog.

Now I am going to try and clean up my files/pictures and such on my laptop. Maybe try and get some organization in my daily life. LOL! I just feel most days I am trying to tackle too many things, school, my kids, homework, house work and I don't take the time to do things the "right" way. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but basically I just mean I always feel rushed so I don't save my files correctly or I don't put my craft stuff away in the right spots or ....well that's really it. I just seem to get distracted very easily and leave my tasks half done. I can't do that anymore, it is causing me great stress. LOL!!

When I was younger, early 20's-ish, and I just had my oldest daughter I was SO organized. I was very particular about where things went and now that is just out the door probably went with my sanity. haha!!

Ok enough of that, I am off to clean and organize. LOL!!

A couple last things to mention, there are still a few June monthly kits left, click here if you would like to purchase.

And last but not least, don't forget to stop by Fantabulous Cricut and play along with this week's challenge for your chance to win Artful Delight's June monthly kit.

Happy Crafting!!


April said...

Oh what a bummer Leeanne...I'm so sorry that you lost some things that were so important and weren't able to recover them. :( Thankfully you got your paper back though because I can imagine how much work has gone into it!

Abby, this layout is just beautiful girl!
- April

Court said...

SUCH a BUMMER!!! Sorry friend! At least you have two super cute carts to play with! :)

Abby, the stitching on this layout - PERFECT!

Diana Fisher said...

So sorry about the computer woes! This page is gorgeous, though. So glad you shared it with us.

Abby Beard said...

Ouch! I bet that hurts :( I'm glad you were able to save your English paper though. I hope you'll soon be able to get better organized with your time. Reading your organization dilemma really hit home, I'm the same way!


Thanks everyone for the kind comments :)

Marlene said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you had computer trouble. That's just nuts. :(

Gorgeous layout....I love the stitching and bright colors.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry about all the files... hopefully you can recover what you need! I loveeeeeeeeeeee Abby's page! I love love love love that photo, the colors and that stitching! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sherrie K. said...

What a bummer!!!

Whata beautiful layout~love the paper, stitching and all the details!
Sherrie K

Amy said...

That's awful about losing those files! The layout is really cute though! I am a new follower! :)