April 8, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Monday!
Ugh, back to work for me.  It was a really nice week with the exception of my kids being sick.  
My daughter got the flu late Friday afternoon.  We slept in the living room and I swear she was up every thirty minutes getting sick.  I felt so bad for her.  As of this morning other than to go potty she hasn't really gotten off the couch.  
Then late Saturday afternoon my son got sick with the flu.  He woke from his nap and was just cranky and uncomfortable.  We all slept in the living room.  Me on one couch, my daughter on another and we brought my son's mattress out for him to sleep on.  All day Sunday other than to potty my kids didn't get up.  Slept on and off all weekend.  
So needless to say the last 3 days of my vacation have been tiring.  I think the most I slept was 2 hours at a time.  And now back to work for me.  :-(  

I just hope my kids get better soon.  

Ok, so everyone should have been contacted who applied for the new DT.  We will make the official announcement on Wednesday.  :-)    

Now for some inspiration from our current team member Ashley.  Ashley used our April scrapbook kit.  :-) 


For more details please visit Ashley's blog here.

Fabulous LO!!

Alright, well I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!  


~amy~ said...

Oh no, what an icky vacation for you...hope that everybody gets better soon and YOU take care of yourself!

Love Ashley's layout...the stitched hearts are darling!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hope all the kids feel better soon!! Brian got really sick last night and is staying home today! YIKES!! I loveeeeeeeeeee Ashley's LO!! LOVING that jar and the hearts!!

Debbie P said...

Love this layout! Those hearts are amazing!

scraptist said...

I am blown away by this layout. What a great use of color and everything. I love love love it.

June Houck said...

Very pretty LO...and I spy a mason jar *swoon*