November 25, 2012


Happy Sunday. 

Today I am thankful for a lot.  I am thankful for our veterans who fight for me to be free.  I have many friends whose husbands are in the military, Tony's dad was a Marine and my uncle was also in the military.  

I am thankful that I have the means to be able to make this post today to give thanks for all that I have.  I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  My children laugh and play every day.  I am thankful that they have the freedom to do so.  

I am thankful for the mistakes that I have made in my life to bring to me where I am today.  

 I am thankful for my job and my cars that I have that allow me to get to my job.
Speaking of my job, so my love of crafting got me a day of paid time off on Monday.  LOL!  So we have a mandatory meeting in December, it's like a Christmas party but we HAVE to attend and we get paid for it.  Well the theme is ugly sweater.  I work for a bank and there are 8 branches within our market so we wanted to do something with the ugly sweater thing as a team.  We couldn't find inexpensive sweaters so we decided to all wear turtle necks.  I can't remember the last time I wore one of those.  LOL!  So my task is to decorate the turtle necks to "make them ugly."  So I get off on Monday, paid day off, to stay home and decorate the shirts.  In addition we have to put on a skit, we have to chose a scene from a Christmas movie (one where all 11 of us at our branch can be in it) and change the words of that scene to be bank related.  Somehow I was put in charge of that.  Now this is going to cause me to think outside the box because I am a paper crafter not a movie writer.  LOL!!  So if any of you have any suggestions it would be greatly  appreciated. 
I will show you the shirts when I am done.  I have to "alter" 11 turtle necks to make them ugly.  Wish me luck, lol. 


For all that I am thankful for I made extra sure that I gave back this Thanksgiving holiday.  I donated money to charities to feed families for the holiday.  I am trying to give back as much as I can because so many people helped me out over the years, especially when I was a single mom for about 6 years. 

I am thankful that I have off on Sundays so I can watch football. (lol)

I am thankful to have the next two days off so hopefully I can fee better.  I came home from work last night and took some medicine and went to bed, I got a pretty awesome nights sleep.

And as always I am thankful for all of you.  I am thankful that each month I get to announce a winner of my sketch challenge.  :-)

So the winner of this month's sketch challenge is:

Libeeti from Creations with Love

Please email me with your December kit selection and your mailing address.  :-)

Alright well I am off to the store to get my Christmas tree.  The kids are excited to decorate it.  :-) And then it is football time.  :-)


Susan L said...

Today I am thankful for my church where I can worship freedom and get closer to God and understand the Bible better.
Susan dot lapooh at

Miriam Prantner said...

Lots to be thankful for! I am thankful for one more day off today before heading back to work, and that my girls are back home.

li-bee-ti said...

I'm so happy to be the winner of this month!
Loved your post. I think it's a great way to look at life.
And in the spirit of beeing thankful - Thank you very much, for this blog and for choosing me as the winner.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats to Li-bee-ti!!!! :)

Hmmmmmmmmmm... I am thinking the scene from "It's A Wonderful Life" when they are all at George's house at the end and friends and family are bringing money to George to help him save his Savings & Loan :) You could have everyone wearing the 'ugly' turtlenecks and a scene where everyone is coming to George's house to 'help' him financially -- and "Mr. Potter's bank" is a "bad" competing bank of yours -- and how your friends, employees, and family are the 'good bank' that help each other :)

Good luck on the turtlenecks :)

byAnnette said...

I am thankful that I live in this country!

Rose said...

congrats Libeeti :)
Leeanne i hope your feeling better soon.

Melissa Shea said...

Ahh, I'm thankful for my 4 days off! *phew* sometimes you just need some down time!!!

Congrats to Libeeti for the win too!

June Houck said...

Congrats to Libeeti! She makes the loveliest of LOs :)