May 8, 2011

My LO using Sketch #7

This is my 2nd post for today so be sure to scroll down. In the earlier post I announced the winner of my recent giveaway of the EC Studio Shape tool and bubble caps.

Here is my LO I created using Sketch #7, I will also be able to use it for one of the challenges over at My Pink Stamper for NSD. It was challenge #10 of 12 challenges and it was to incorporate a pet or animal in your project. I made this LO last night but didn't get to take a picture until today. :-)
I had been begging my boyfriend to let me have a cat for 5 years. See when we first met I could easily have been called the crazy cat lady. LOL! Well I had 3 cats that were indoor/outdoor cats, kinda strays that I had taken in. I never was able to get them fixed for 2 reasons 1) they seemed to like the outdoors a ton and 2) I was a single mom and just couldn't afford it. So I was afraid to spend the money and have them 'stray' away again. So anywho, both the female cats got pregnant at the same time and so at one point I think I had like 8 cats (mostly kittens). I was able to give away all of them. So after that period of time, Tony, told me I could never have a cat again. I love my pup, Abby, but I am a cat person. I begged and begged and for Christmas this last year he let me go to the shelter and adopt a cat. He totally thought I would come home with a kitten but Chuck was an 'older' (3 year old) cat and had been at the shelter for over 3 months. It was time for him to get out of the shelter. He was already neutered so I thought he would be perfect.

It has taken Chuck 6 months to finally feel completely comfortable but he snuggles with my pup, puts up with the kids, and snuggles with me at night.....he is truly the best Christmas present ever!!! :-)

So anywho I used Basic Grey's Max and Whiskers collection for the LO. 3 of the pictures on the LO is the day Chuck came home, Abby and Chuck had to take some time to get used to each other. LOL! My kids all wanted to welcome Chuck by feeding him some treats. :-)

Alright well that's it for now, I will be back later with Sketch #8.

Happy Crafting!!

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TeenaBugg38 said...

Love that!!!! And what a sweet kitty :)